You’re Kidding!

You’re kidding!  These two little vials of saizen cost $1400!

Lets pray the rest of my medications don’t follow suit!


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In our lives we make thousands of decisions.  Some effect the outcomes in your life, while others are trivial with little rippling effects.

In the past few months I’ve made my fair share of decisions, the largest was to embark on this IVF journey.  Together my husband and I have had to decide if we would go through with genetic testing (both to see if we are carriers of certain disorders and genetic testing on the embryos), complete the preconception blood work (This cost us over $1000, RE said we could wave it, and I almost did  Thankfully I didn’t as this is the testing that determined I have several blood disorders), and to ask for help from those around us.

Some of these decisions have been easy, some not so.  Some decisions have brought forth concerns I’ll have to address the rest of my life, but may have prevented unnecessary heartache over the loss of a pregnancy because my blood was overreacting to implantation or growth in my uterus.  Some decisions have yet to play out.  Some decisions I have yet to make.

My IVF protocol calls for Saizen, a human growth hormone, to help produce higher quality eggs.  It is used off label, and is not covered by insurance.  And I’ve heard that the FDA has banned the use of Saizen for infertility but I can’t find any information online regarding this rumor.

My question, and thus another decision, is this?  Do I need to take Saizen?  My AMH is 2.49, 2.5 is optimal, and from what I’ve read Saizen is typically used for older women, those with low AMH, or poor responders.  In the past I’ve had good response to ovulation stimulation.

I will be sending a request to explain the decision behind prescribing Saizen, but is it within my control to refuse this medication if I don’t feel it is necessary?  What if my RE doesn’t agree and chooses not to do the procedure?

If you have used Saizen for an IVF cycle I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Here’s to making decisions and moving forward.


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