Here goes nothing…

This past month my husband and I were told that our only means for achieving a viable pregnancy would be through IVF – In Vitro Fertilization. I was shocked to hear the news, especially since my previous Reproductive Endocrinologist NEVER mentioned the issues the new doc mentioned. After my new doc reviewed my files, he showed me my blood work, as well as my husband’s semen analysis and explained the probabilities of pregnancy with our numbers…basically ZERO without IVF. I left the consult confused, scared, frustrated, and with a heavy heart. How on earth will Joe and I afford IVF ($12-15,000 for one cycle)? Do I really need it? Are our numbers really that bad?

After lots of research on line I discovered that my new doc was right…our numbers do not lend themselves to natural pregnancies (even after we rechecked all the numbers). IVF is a MUST if we want a baby of our own.

Now, to scrape up the money necessary to help our dreams come true…as a teacher, that kind of money just doesn’t accumulate in my savings and our insurance will only minimally cover the cost of medications. So, we’ve started selling of books, movies, jewelery, and am hoping somebody will want to by my wedding dress. Still that leaves us close to $8,000 away from our goal of $12,000.

This is where you come in…I realize that many of you may not know me, but if you can find it in your hearts to donate $5 or $10 (or whatever you feel you can/want) we would be eternally grateful. And sharing our story, and this site to those who may be able to support us, or need support of their own (understanding that you are not alone may help with some of the pain associated with infertility) would be an amazing help.

Joe and I hope to raise enough money (through this site, yard sales, amazon sales, etc) that we will be able to try IVF in 3-4 months…before my 35th birthday.

My goal is that once Joe and I complete our IVF cycle I can turn this donation page into a place where I can raise money for other people in the same position as me.  Maybe creating an organization of some sort.

Thanks for your support!


2 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Rachael Rome

    OK Rach! I am sending baby vibes to you along with my little donation – Now….go make that baby!! I believe in you and Joe! love you….the other Rach

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