Nothing Is Guaranteed

In this game, nothing is guaranteed.  There is no wand to magic a perfect IVF cycle, nor a baby in the end.  Today  I was hit with the realization that just because I’m in the game doesn’t mean I won’t be sidelined.

I went in for my follicle count today.  A very impressive count – 21 measurable follicles, most ranging in the 9-12 mm range.  But the clincher here is that one of those bad boys is already 16 mm in size.  Typically, the RE wants follicles to grow 18-22 mm before trigger in hopes of ensuring a good, mature egg.  Any smaller and it could lead to an immature egg.  Larger and it could lead to an egg that is, for lack of better description, over-ripe.  My ovaries are large, already touching, and my estradiol has gone from an 18 to 1077 in just three days.  This leads to swollen, bloated tummy and lower back pain.  Oh, and a million trips to the bathroom.

A little research on the internet (why do I do this?) and I discovered that often women who develop “lead” follicles have to have their cycles cancelled.  UGGG!

I went to acupuncture sick with worry.  This journey bites.

My acupuncturist reassured me that I’m not out of the game just yet.  She changed the acupuncture game plan to fit this new play and after 30 minutes of silence I felt a little better.

At approximately 3 PM I received the call from my nurse saying that my estradiol was really high, and that they were going to adjust my medications (read lower dose) in order to allow the follicles more time to mature and catch up to the biggest one.  I will have to be monitored every day through at least Monday.

So for now I am still in the game.  But nothing is guaranteed.


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