Friday morning as I was driving from one work location to another I was rear ended. My immediate reaction was to the lives inside me. The only thing that mattered was whether or not they were safe.

I drive a Subaru Legacy, a mid size sedan. The guy who hit me drives a GMC Sierra, aka “big ass truck.” Luckily he realizes how close he was to me and tries to change lanes. So instead of hitting head on he hit the passenger side and drove up onto my vehicle. The bumper, trunk, back windshield, and side panel are all destroyed. Auto shop says they will have the car for 10-12 business days so long as no parts are back ordered.

As for me and the little ones? After two hospital visits and some monitoring, ultrasounds, and cervical checks it seems the babies are fine and despite constant uterine tightening, I am not currently at risk for loosing the babies or preterm delivery. Thank God! It has been a stressful few days and even though things look fine it’s hard not to worry. I pray nothing changes and things move forward smoothly. Tomorrow is our anatomy scan and seeing them wiggle will ease a little oft fear.


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One thought on “Accidents

  1. I’m so glad that all is well. What a scary experience! As if you needed anything else to worry about. How did the anatomy scan go?

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