Mighty Miracles

As I make my way through this journey the fear and anxiety that infertility brings never really goes away. Yesterday marked 10 weeks gestation. That means I am really, truly pregnant with another mighty miracle. Modern medical science has provided me once again with the opportunity to bring life and love into this world. And while I battle terrible morning sickness (or should I say afternoon and night sickness, mornings are much easier to handle), I can’t help but revel in the fact that I was given this chance again. 

With that said, there are real fears still lingering. We announced a little sooner then anticipated because my belly popped quickly, making me nervous as we aren’t really out of the safe zone yet. But, if I have learned anything on this journey, it is that opening up and accepting love and support can help you through most anything in life.

So, here is to modern medicine, and ALL Mighty Miracles created with love and test tubes!


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3 thoughts on “Mighty Miracles

  1. Yayaya! So exciting! Congrats! Just spilled the beans to co-workers today about our transfer this week…. wasn’t planning to do that, but the conversation came up naturally, so I didn’t avoid it. Here’s to having a great team of support on this long stretch to delivery.

    • Some exciting! I hate the waiting to find out if things took part. Hang in there! Same doctors? I read a little last night on your blog but had internet issues so not fully caught up

  2. I am back at the same clinic we used before! Are you there, too? With Dr. B? I really appreciate his skill and confidence.

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