Legislation Threatens IVF

This year in Colorado (as well as several other states) there will be legislation/initiatives/ballots…whatever you want to call them…that threaten an infertile couples ability to use assisted reproduction (read IVF and/or IUI) to build their families.  I understand that “personhood” is a touchy subject and there is a wide range of beliefs on the subject.  But for somebody who suffers from infertility, and only wants to bring life into the world, the idea that assisted reproduction is illegal scares me.

If this legislation passes REs and embryologist could be held criminally responsible for ALL embryos that fail to develop or implant (even though those same embryos would have failed to develop in utero).  Regulations on the number of follicles to be fertilized could be put into place.  And for people like my husband and I, our dreams will never have another chance to be fulfilled.

Please see RESOLVES position on the Personhood Legislation and do your research.  If you love somebody who suffers from infertility consider voting this legislation down.  I’m not saying we all have to agree on the definition of personhood, but every person should be given the opportunity to build their family through any means necessary.  Without assisted reproduction some 4 million babies would never have been brought into this world.


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